December Monthly Report

Spending Overview

Welcome to December! 

I can’t believe I’ve been on this journey for 6 months. I’ve decided to do these comparisons each month to keep myself accountable for my spending and also because i’m a bit of a nerd about spreadsheets and numbers. December is always a big month for most people and mine was no different!

 Spending Breakdown



  • December is obviously Christmas so i spent more money then normal. Gifts & Donations was 3rd on the list.

  • I paid off $1,750 in debt. That’s my biggest payment amount in 1 month!

  • There was 3 pay periods this month and 5 Fridays meaning i paid 5 weeks of rent instead of 4.

  • Due to Christmas i spent much less on groceries then normal as we had lots of functions, family events etc.  

Comparison to November

 Since this is my second month I decided to do a comparison to last month.

  •  Debt Repayments: ⬆ $850
  • Dining, Bars & Cafes: ⬇ $22
  • Auto & Transport: ⬇ $26
  • Health: ⬆ $62
  • Shopping: ⬇ $193
  • Personal Care: ⬆ $78
  • Groceries: ⬇ $219
  • Hobbies & Entertainment: ⬆ $29

Total Spending: ⬆ $949 

love tasha

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