November Monthly Report

Spending Overview 

Is anyone else totally one of those nerds who loves spreadsheets and figures? I can’t do maths very well but I love the visual look of spreadsheets and charts. 

 I decided it might be a fun idea to start doing a monthly report on my spending each month as a way to keep me both on track and for me to see it all visually. I think it looks so cool! 

 I will also note any expenses that were quarterly/yearly etc. I do have sinking funds that I send money to each pay period but I wanted to track the actual money spent each month. 

 Spending Breakdown


  • Quarterly utilities (Electricity, Gas, Hot Water) were due during this month- $492

  • Unexpected Tyre repair- $30

  • Debt payments- $900

  • Doctors Visit- $38

 I also kind of spend way too much on shopping and eating out last month. Hopefully I can bring that down in the future. For a full breakdown of each category see below. 

 I’m pretty happy that my 2nd highest category is debt repayments though. Compared to months ago it would have been down the bottom…


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