Everyplate: A review of Australia’s most affordable meal delivery service

When it comes to our monthly budgets, we often have good intentions towards our food spend. When it comes to actually grocery shopping or meal planning, we often don’t follow through on those good intentions. Many of us regularly spend money on unnecessary takeaway food or our daily barista-made coffee. Whether our spending is an emotional response, boredom, overwhelm or simply laziness, many of us could be doing more to control our food spending.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), our grocery bill is our second-biggest category of household spending, only behind housing costs. A recent Canstar Blue survey from November 2020, also found that the average Australian household of 4 spends $181 per week on groceries (source). It seems single people spend even more. A Suncorp ‘Cost of Food Report’ revealed that shockingly the average single person can spend close to $300 per week on food (source).

Average grocery bill by state

The below image shows the average weekly grocery bill across Australia, based on the Canstar Blue survey (more than 2,600 households of all sizes).

Average grocery bill by household size

This below table shows the average weekly grocery bill in Australia by household size.

Household sizeAverage weekly grocery bill
5 or more$215

Everyplate to the rescue…

So, what can we do about these ever-increasing food costs? If you’re someone who despises grocery shopping or you feel like you’re stuck in a rut cooking the same meals every week, then trying a meal service such as Everyplate might just help. I am someone who doesn’t particularly like cooking. I find it more of a ‘task’ than a joy.

In recent months I have tried several meal delivery services to help lessen my food spending and to make sure that I’m eating healthy meals. With Everyplate you can either let them choose your meals or choose yourself from a curated list. Personally, I find that having a set list of meal choices helps with the overwhelm of deciding what to make. Once I have selected my meals on the easy-to-use app my choices are conveniently get delivered straight to my door (with no contact delivery). Having the meals waiting for me in my fridge helps motivate me to cook because everything is right there (no trips to the shops). I also know that when I make the dish there will be no waste as everything is pre-portioned to only give you exactly what you need for the recipe. Because I’m only cooking for one person I have my extra serve for lunch the next day.

This weeks recipes

For this review I chose three meals (for two people) to cook. Each of the meals has eight or less ingredients and can be cooked in four simple steps. The meals are so simple and easy to follow. There are no complex steps or second guessing yourself. The ingredients come in the right portion sizes for each meal so that there is no waste. The packaging of the ingredients can often be recycled with Redcycle. You could also consider having a compost bin or a worm farm for the food scraps and peels.

The meals I received were all very tasty. I found the spice mixes to be the right level of spice and the portions meant I had a serve for dinner and leftovers for lunch. I even gave my 10 month old some as well. I’ll have some cook-along videos up on my Instagram later for you to see just how easy the meals are to make. Below you’ll find some images of the three meals.

The cost

The question you’ve probably all been wanting to know is: how much does it actually cost? Below you’ll find a breakdown of the cost for each of their meal plans. This cost includes shipping. As you’ll see it’s quite affordable. This cost is without any discount codes but you’ll find a sneaky discount code for you at the end of this post.

# of people (across)
# of meals (below)

Ready to try?

If you’d like to try Everyplate you can use my code TASHA to get 40% off your 1st box, and 20% off your next 2 boxes to get meals as low as $2.39.

Alternatively, click this link* which will automatically apply the code for you.

#ad #everyplatepartner | *Disclosure: this is an affiliate link

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