April financial report

April went pretty well. I’ve started a new side hustle, received some dividends and my salary sacrifice has started going into my superannuation account. Read on for more…

Spending | Savings | Credit Score | Superannuation | Side Hustling

For the March report see here.


Below is the breakdown of my spending by category as well as the relative % of my total spend for the month.


Savings: $1,706
Spend minus savings: $2,622.42





  • ‘Gifts’ includes Easter gifts and mothers day (which is in May)
  • ‘Personal care’ is my gym membership (This is the last time it’ll be charged as I’ve cancelled it
  • ‘Health’ consists of my health insurance & medications
  • ‘Utilities’ is my mobile phone and the internet. I share half the internet bill with my housemate
  • ‘Auto & Transport’ includes car insurance, petrol, public transport to work, and this month I had to buy a new battery for my car

I spent half as much on shopping this month as I did last month. My food spending is still consistently high though.

comparison of food and shopping.PNG

Savings & Investments


During April, I put $1,706 or 39% of income towards my savings accounts which at the end of the month totalled $23,879 for both my emergency fund and savings. I wanted to get to a 40% savings rate each month but having to purchase a new car battery unexpectedly ruined that. Try again next month!


In March I took $4,000 from my savings and purchased some more ETFs to increase my investment balance which is why there is a drop in the balance as seen above.



Right at the end of March, I decided to take some of my savings and put it into investments. I spent $4,000 approx on 2 new ETFs bringing my total portfolio to $9,338 at the time. During April I received a dividend payment and had a bit of investment growth. The return on my investments so far is 7.56% or $673.

Credit Score

My credit score hasn’t changed from March to April at all. I sit in the ‘very good’ category which I’m happy with.april-credit.png


My current balance (as of 06/05/19) is $51,696. I have started to contribute to my super via salary sacrifice so I’m really interested to see how my super grows.


Side Hustling

I earned $495 above my usual wage from my job through various sources including:


How was April for you? I’d love to hear if you saved money or paid debt?

Let me know if there is anything else you want to see in these reports.

Credit: Icons by Freepik from Flaticon.



One thought on “April financial report

  1. I have to say, I followed your journey from when you still had debts till now – you have done amazingly and are incredibly inspiring!


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