October Financial Report


October…we have to talk! I spent way too much this month. Not working + being given over $30,000 = lots of spending money.

I’ve had a few newbies lately on the blog so this is a quick breakdown of what I go over each month: spending, savings, credit score & superannuation. For last months report see here.


Below is the breakdown of my spending by category as well as the relative % of my total spend. October was my highest month all year! I’m really not surprised considering I received my payout (I was made redundant) and also was off work. These two things meant I spent a lot more then I should have.

Category % $
bag Shopping & Entertainment 43% $2,569
house Rent 23% $1,200
health Health % Medical 21% $1,115
groceries Groceries, Take-away 9% $477
calc Business Services 4% $233
car Auto & Transport 4% $220
heart Personal Care 4% $67
gift Gifts & Donations 1% $50
cert Insurance 1% $44
Total $5,975


  • The ‘shopping & entertainment’ category is quite high for October. Due to receiving my redundancy payout I decided to buy a new TV, coffee table and also got a new tattoo
  • During October I had my wisdom teeth removed and also got 2 fillings so there was a lot of dental expenses
  • Business services was WordPress yearly upgrades for this website and another one of mine
  • Personal care includes my gym membership
  • Health is my health insurance and medications
  • Insurance is my Home & Contents Insurance
  • Gifts was my brothers 21st birthday


Due to me completing this report in November I’m going to use my current savings numbers even though these might not be as accurate. During October I received my redundancy payout and it was split between ‘savings’ and a ‘4 month Emergency Fund’. I lived on the 4 month Emergency Fund until I got a new job at the end of October. I’ve still got the original $2,000 Emergency Fund as well.

I’m hoping to start contributing to the savings fund again when I get my first full monthly pay in December.



From September to October my score went down 730-692 on Credit Savvy. Although it appeared to raise from 705 to 760 on Get Credit Score. I’m not sure how to read that, the only thing I can think of that would have changed my score was that I changed electricity providers and I know they run a credit check.

Credit Savvy
Credit Savvy history
Get Credit Score


I’ve started to more closely track my Super. My current balance is $45,478. It went down in the last month which i’m not sure I’ve seen happen before.


How was October for you?

Let me know if there is anything else you want to see in these reports!

Credit: Icons by Freepik from Flaticon.



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