September Financial Report



Below is the breakdown of my spending by category as well as the relative % of my total spend. In the last column I’ve added the difference in comparison to last months spend on that category. If there’s a red cross the spend has gone up since last month, if there’s a green tick the spend has gone down.
Ignore the ‘– symbol’ on items, it’s how I work out the conditional formatting in excel.



  • During September I took a short holiday (hence the travel section).
  • There were 5 rent payments in September (I pay weekly) so it was more expensive then last month.
  • Personal care includes my gym membership.
  • Health is my health insurance and medications.
  • Insurance is my Home & Contents Insurance.
  • Shopping and Entertainment includes a larger then normal purchase which was my Fitbit Alta.


Due to me completing this in October I’m going to use my current savings numbers even though these weren’t accurate for September. I recently received my redundancy payout and it was split between ‘savings’ and a ‘4 month Emergency Fund’. I’m currently living on the 4 month Emergency Fund until I get a new job. I’ve still got the original $2,000 Emergency Fund as well.

I’m also contributing to savings still out of the amounts of ‘wage’ that I’m paying myself from my 4 month Emergency Fund.



There was no change in my credit score from August to September on Credit Savvy. Although it appeared to drop from 707 to 705 on Get Credit Score.




I’ve started to more closely track my Super. My current balance is $46,111.


How was September for you?

Credit: Icons by Freepik from Flaticon.


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