August Financial Report


Well hello August report! How is the year going so fast! August was an interesting month that’s for sure. I was made redundant from my full time job, my parents split up 😦 and I decided to stop trying to conceive (for the moment, not forever). It’s been a bit of a difficult month.

Spending Breakdown

Below is the breakdown of my spending by category as well as the relative % of my total spend. In the last column I’ve added the difference in comparison to last months spend on that category. If there’s a red cross the spend has gone up since last month, if there’s a green tick the spend has gone down. The star means no difference.
Ignore the – on items, it’s how I work it out in excel.


Some notes:

  • Gifts includes a baby shower, 2 fathers day gifts (dad & step dad) and 1 birthday
  • Auto & Transport was large because I paid for 1 year car registration as well as my license renewal.
  • There was 5 Fridays this month so I paid for 1 more week of rent then I normally would.
  • Personal care included a haircut/style. My first one in about 2 years.
  • My quarterly utility bills came this month: Gas, Electricity & Hot Water
  • I don’t count savings as ‘spending’ so the total is everything minus that.


In August I saved $1,052, not the best but still not too bad. My total savings became $4,720 out of the current goal of $6,000. Up to 68% complete now!


Credit Score

There was no change in my credit score from July to August on Credit Savvy. Although it appeared to drop from 771 to 707 on Get Credit Score.



Since I’ve seen so many posts lately on Instagram about superannuation I thought I would start to include this in my reports so I can watch it grow.

This is a chart of the data I could find on my Hostplus account which I only opened in December 2017. My current balance is sitting at just over $46,000 which I think is pretty good for a 28 year old who has never contribute extra into it.


How was August for you?

Credit: Icons by Freepik from Flaticon.


2 thoughts on “August Financial Report

  1. I’m sorry about your parents and the redundancy. I hope you find a new job that you love very soon. Your super balance looks great, you are still so young and have plenty of time to have it grow. Wish you the best of luck in your job hunt!


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