July Financial Report


In July I spent way too much. I feel like I’m saying this every month…I really need to stop spending money on random things. On the plus side, I’m not in debt. Read on to see where I’m at with spending, savings and my credit score this month.

Spending Breakdown

Below is the breakdown of my spending by category as well as the relative % of my total spend. In the last column I’ve added the difference in comparison to last months spend on that category. If there’s a red cross the spend has gone up since last month, if there’s a green tick the spend has gone down. The star means no difference. Ignore the – on items, it’s how I work it out in excel.


Savings update

In July I saved $1,872 (I made a mistake on my Instagram picture – oops!). I’m really pleased with how much I managed to save. This included my tax return of $370 but no other bonuses. My total savings became $3,748 out of the current goal of $6,000.


Credit Score update

There was no change in my credit score from June to July. It’s really nice to see it in the green though!

These stats below are from the Australian website Credit Savvy. This website is free to go and see your credit score. It’s for Australia only (I believe).


I decided to try another free credit score website this month as well and see if there was any difference. My credit score from Get Credit Score came back even better at 771! Pretty happy with both of these.


How was July for you?


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