Frugal Decor- Stylish living on a budget

Frugal Decor

Budget Decor and furnishings are one of the things that I have a real passion for. I have a real love of making everything look ‘pretty’ and co-ordinated. In this post I’ve put together some various themes all from pieces under $70 so that you can get a similar look on a budget. Click the links under each photo to take you straight to the items website.

First up is one of my favourites colours- Blue. This bedroom would look beautiful in a coastal themed house.

Coastal Theme.png

Cushion / Touch Lamp / Side Drawer / Faux Ivy / Throw Rug

This next theme could be used for many things including a hall space, desk area or in a an older child’s bedroom for their study area.

Copy of Copy of Frugal Decor

Desk / Basket / Cushion / Plant / Candle

This next theme would be beautiful in a childs bedroom. The pink and gold mixed with white creates a calming look. Pair it with colourful wall art (which you can change at any time) to create a room any girl would love!

Copy of Desk Theme

Quilt Cover Set / Peonies / Candle / Side Table / Wall Art

Lastly I wanted to share my favourite colours for the lounge area. Pink and Grey! I feel like Grey is a fantastic colour for the lounge. Being a neutral you can add any colour to it and have a stylish look. Throw in some greenery and you’ve got a perfect room.

Copy of Blue Bedroom

Ottoman / Chair / Knot Cushion / Throw Rug / Plant

What do you think of these themes?

Disclaimer: All images used in this post are copyright of their respective websites. All links are correct as at time of publishing.

love tasha

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