June Financial Report

junespendingJune was a huge month. Here are just a few things that happened.

  • I became debt free
  • I had my 28th birthday
  • I completed my emergency fund (again)
  • I bought a bike!
  • My credit score increased to it’s highest ever

The new financial year is looking to be very exciting!

Spending Breakdown

Below is the breakdown by category:


Savings update

June was a great month for my savings. I received a bonus mid June which I used to pay off the remainder of my debt. I then filled my emergency fund again (It was only sitting at $500) and then I started to fill my baby fund.


Credit update

After being in the ‘below average’ section in March my credit score is finally bouncing back. It was initially low because I did a balance transfer and opened up a new credit card for the transfer. I’ve recently paid this off and I think that’s what increased my credit. I’m sure when i close the card (which i will do shortly) that my score will go down again. For the moment though my credit score is the highest it’s ever been so i’m pretty proud of that.

These stats below are from the website Credit Savvy. This website is free to go and see your credit score. It’s for Australia only (I believe).

score range


long term score.PNG

How was June for you?


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