May Spending Report

may spend.PNGMay was a little bit of a crazy month for me. The first week and a bit I was up in North QLD on Tour De Cure. You can read my post about my trip here. I spent far too much shopping! I think this is because in my mind I had more money to spend because I wasn’t spending as much on food (they paid for food on tour). Reality is though I still spent just as much on food as most months.

This month I paid $790 towards debt. I wasn’t able to work as much at my side hustle.

Spending Breakdown

Below is the breakdown by category: 

may spending.PNG

This month my electricity, gas and hot water bills were due (hence the utilities cost). These are due every 3 months. The gifts and donations is donations to Tour De Cure as well as Mothers Day. My only ‘Personal Care’ is my Gym membership which is in contract so is unable to be cancelled. “Health” includes doctors appoints and acupuncture (which I’ve recently stopped doing). The shopping category is very high, i definitely need to rein this in as is my food spending.

I’m not posting a comparison this month because I didn’t keep track of my spending during April because of my volunteering at the Commonwealth Games and Tour De Cure. During April I was barely home.

How was May for you?

love tasha


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