Tour De Cure

Recently I participated in Tour De Cure. For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, Tour De Cure is a charity which runs several events, mostly bike rides to raise funds for cancer research, prevention and support.

The ‘Signature Tour’ which I got involved in recently was from April 27 – May 5th and we covered 1,100 km from Mackay to Cairns. This tour alone raised over $2.6 million dollars! That is incredible. There were over 160 riders, 45 stage riders and 45 support crew that participated this year, all with the same goal- to find a cure for cancer.

Tour De Cure Expenses

To participate in Tour De Cure there were a few costs that I had to outlay myself. These included flights, finale dinner and laundry. I’ve outlined these below. I started saving for this about 6 months before the event so that everything was cash flowed and it didn’t greatly affect my budget. Our accomodation and daily food for the whole 10 days was paid for by Tour De Cure.

TDC costs

The tour

It’s hard for me to put into words the experiences I had during this tour. It was long and hard, 12 hr days, every day…but it was incredible. I met so many wonderful people, heard some devastating cancer stories and learnt that life is so valuable!

If you ever have a chance to participate in a Tour…go for it!


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