March Spending Report


Well we’re at the end of the first quarter of 2018. This month I definitely spent more then I should have, especially on food. I really need to try and rein that in next month.

On another note I paid more to my debt this month and am almost under $3,000. Not long now and i’ll be debt free. I’m so excited for that! 

April is looking to be an odd month because i’ll be volunteering at the Commonwealth Games for a week (and living with a friend for that time) and  then at the end of April i’ll be spending 9 days on Tour De Cure where I don’t have to pay for food at all.  I’m really not sure how all this will affect my budget. I’m also starting acupuncture (3rd April) for fertility so i’ll see how that goes…

Spending Breakdown

Below is the breakdown by category for my March spending. 

Note: *Business Services is my domain name that I bought. 


Comparison to Last Month

  • Debt Repayments: ⬆ $250
  • Groceries, Dining, Bars & Cafes: ⬆ $320
  • Auto & Transport: ⬆ $10
  • Health: ⬇ $71
  • Shopping: ⬇ $74
  • Personal Care: ⬆ $10

Total Spending: ⬆ $616

How did your month/first quarter go?

love tasha

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