February Monthly Report


February seems to have been my best month yet! I didn’t pay as much on debt but I definitely didn’t spend as much. I really tried to rein it back on my spending categories including shopping and food. I’m quite proud of how little I spent on food this month…

I had to pay my utilities this month but these were $100 less then last time so that was a bonus. I also spent over $100 on my medications/doctors visits etc because of my hospital stay.

Spending Breakdown

 Below is the breakdown by category for my February spending. 


Comparison to Last Month

  • Debt Repayments: ⬇ $836
  • Groceries, Dining, Bars & Cafes: ⬇ $113
  • Auto & Transport: ⬇ $327
  • Health: ⬆ $132 *due to sickness
  • Shopping: ⬇ $388
  • Personal Care: ⬇ $45

Total Spending: ⬇ $2042

love tasha

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